Re-cap of OmahaGives!

A Special Thanks!

We want to take a moment and thank everyone that has supported HELP Adult Services through the OmahaGives! campaign this year. From those who were able to financially give, to those who advocated for us, and those of you that took the time to read our emails! Thank you for your support.

This year OmahaGives! raised a total of $3,075,998.57 and HELP Adult Serivces had 39 donors that generously gave $1,868.00.

With the amount raised HELP Adult Services can ease the burden that many in the Omaha area carry, by providing needed medical equipment and bringing relief to full-time family caregivers.

We are so blessed to see the support of everyone. Again, thank you for your continued support.
Keep up with HELP Adult Services by checking out our website; www.helpadultservices.org and facebook page; www.facebook.com/HELPAdultServices



Penny Koenig Executive Director- HELP Adult Services

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