Health Equipment Loan Program

20Rent high-quality, used medical equipment from HELP Adult Services, for up to one year, at a fraction of the retail cost. Anyone is eligible to utilize this service.

Here is what one of our customers said about the program:

“It allowed me to be more independent and to be at home instead of rehab. I could not have afforded to purchase this equipment so renting was a wonderful option, especially since I only needed it for a few months. Thank you so much!”

Sample List of Items:

  • Adult Briefs; Pads
  • Bath Chairs
  • Bath Transfer Bench
  • Bariatric Equipment
  • Bed Rails & Bed Assist Bar
  • Blood Pressure Monitors
  • Canes
  • Chucks- Disposable & Washable
  •  Commode
  •  Crutches
  •  C-Pap Machine
  •  Cushion; Foam & Gel
  •  Feeding Tube Supplies
  •  Hospital Bed
  •  Hoyer Lift
  •  Lift Chair
  • Nebulizer
  •  Nutritional Supplements
  •  Over Bed Table
  •  Quad Cane
  •  Roho Cushions
  •  Scooters
  •  Toilet Safety Frame
  •  Toilet Seat Riser
  •  Transport Wheelchair
  •  Trapeze
  •  Walkers; No Wheeled
  •  Walkers; Two, Three & Four Wheeled
  •  Wheelchairs; Electric & Manual

Check out the full item list here: Complete Item List [Call for Availability]

Delivery and pick-up of equipment is available, but on a limited basis and with a service charge.

We accept:
-Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover)

For a list of frequently asked questions; click here!

Contact our Program Director today for more details:
Phone: 402-341-6559 ext. 101