InCredible Couch Change Challenge

Do you want to raise money for a good cause? Do you want to do you want to raise the money with your friends and on your own time?

The InCredible Couch Change Challenge is for you!

The idea is simple. Get your friends together. Pool all of the change found in your couches, purses, and pockets. Take a picture of everyone. Send the picture to anthony@helpadultservices.org and donate. The last step is to challenge 2 people or organizations to take the InCredible Couch Change Challenge.

The InCredible Couch Change Challenge is a fun and easy way to make a big impact.

For more information, go to www.helpadultservices.org/couch-change/ or email anthony@helpadultservices.org


Here is the HELP Adult Services’ staff posing next to their couch change:


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