Employee Spotlight: HELP Program Manager

Cody Hergenroder Employee spotlightIntroducing HELP Program Manager, Cody Hergenroder

Thanks for all that you do Cody, for our organization and our community! And here are some other fun facts about Cody!

Name: Cody Hergenroder
Title: Program Manager

How long have you been with HELP Adult Services? I have worked for HELP Adult Services for 3 years now.

Where did you grow up? Born and raised here in Omaha, NE.

What’s your favorite thing about coming to work every day? My co-workers make coming to work a joy.  It is great to work with people who are as motivated and enthusiastic about their job as you  are.

What do you enjoy most about your days at HELP Adult Services? The most enjoyable aspect of my days here at HELP Adult Services is seeing the direct impact our programs have had on the lives of so many different families.

What’s your favorite Movie/Book? My favorite movie would have to be “Eldorado” starring John Wayne. I have always been a fan of old western films.

What’s your favorite food? My favorite meal would be Chicken Parmesan.

Would you rather…
Go skiing or snowshoeing? Skiing
Go to a comedy club or dance club? Dance club
Have a night out or evening in? Evening in
Choose a free trip or money?  Money
Watch sports or play sports? Play Sports

Who is your favorite author? S.E. Hinton, she wrote the “Outsiders” novel.

What does your perfect day look like? Sitting on a lakes edge with my fishing line cast accompanied by family and friends.

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