A Volunteer’s Perspective!

Join Today to be a Respite Companion!

Join Today to be a Respite Companion!

Many of us give in different ways. Some make a difference through donations. But others are looking for a way to be more engaged on a more personal level. Respite Companion volunteers are not only engaged into the lives of the families they are impacting, but their own lives are enriched as well. The experiences as a Respite Companion are unique to every individual client.

Following are a few Respite Companion anecdotes of their time volunteering:

Kathy, a Companion for over a year, tells of an experience she had with Don.

“Joan had CNN on TV when I arrived…the return of our ambassador and the three marines all in flag draped coffins…where a very respectful service occurred…Watching that Don stood up from his chair and saluted… honoring those lost men. What an honorable man he is. Disease may be taking away some things from him but his core is intact and he lived it with this action that day. What an honor it is to spend the time I do with Don.”


Glenda, another Companion to a few families, expresses the joy and gratitude she has towards Mary and Esther.

“Mary gave me a bouquet of flowers…Esther told me numerous times “I love you,” and “You’re so pretty,” without any prompting. I was moved to tears! That was the best gift.”

These are just a few stories and occurrences that Respite Companions are able to experience. If you or someone you know is looking for a way to positively impact the community, contact HELP Adult Services.  A family caregiver is waiting. Become a Respite Companion today and reap the benefits for many days to come!

Contact Chelsea at: 402-341-6559 x102


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