"Let us use equipment to make Dad more mobile & still stay within his budget.  Wonderful service!"
"It has saved a lot of expense since only needed for a short time.  It gave us the opportunity to rehab at home as well as heal quicker."
"Extremely helpful; don't know what we'd do or who we'd turn to if not for your organization"
"Made me realize that this is a very valuable service for elderly patients who can't afford the equipment"
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How does the Program work?

The program can be utilized whether you have a short-term need to recover from an illness or longer term need for individuals living with a physical disability. The equipment may be used for as short as a weekend or as long as up to 1 year. Loans are renewable if the equipment is needed longer than a year. Disposable items are also available for sale: adult briefs, chucks, nutritional supplements, etc.


A low processing fee is charged for each item.  Whether you need the item for a weekend or for up to 1 year, the processing fee is the same. HELP Adult Services does not coordinate with insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. You simply pay the processing fee and the item is yours to use for up to one year.

Health & medical Equipment Loan Program (H.E.L.P.)


The Health & medical Equipment Loan Program (HELP) began loaning medical equipment because most everyone, at some time in their lives, needs access to assistive devices like bath chairs, crutches, wheel chairs, hospital beds…. The problem is that not everyone can afford it.  For those who have little in the way of money, and too little—or no—insurance, yet do not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, just figuring out how to pay medical bills is overwhelming. HELP Adult Services assists many individuals to obtain these items of comfort and necessity at a level they can afford.


Most HELP clients stop in or have a relative pick up necessary equipment. Additionally, clients frequently pick up equipment that they expect to need after an upcoming surgery anticipating support equipment they may need. We also deliver and pick-up the loaned medical equipment for clients who have no means of transportation.


Because the majority of our clients are already facing financial struggles due to being un- or under-insured, having no job that supplies insurance, and being recently released from a medical facility, locating and acquiring a piece of affordable medical equipment is frequently one more hurdle for them. Finding what is needed without having to pay top dollar for a brand new item is, as one client recently explained, “the only good thing that has happened”.

Check, cash and Visa/Mastercard/Discover credit/debit cards are all accepted.


Most families stop in at our display room located at 42nd & Center (2nd floor of Center Mall) to pick up the items they need.


Delivery and pick-up of equipment is available on a limited basis. There is a charge for this service based on round-trip mileage.


Who do I contact if my family has questions about the services of the Health & medical Equipment Loan Program?


                              HELP Adult Services

                             1941 S. 42nd St., Suite 200

                             Omaha NE 68105


                              (402)341-6559 x101

The HELP services are provided primarily in the Omaha/Council Bluffs metropolitan area, but also serve southwestern Iowa and eastern Nebraska areas. There is a low processing fee (sliding-fee scale) for the loan of health and medical equipment and for pick-up and deliveries to help support the program.


HELP Adult Services is proud to report that of every dollar received through fees and donations, .93¢ goes directly to programs and only .07¢ goes to administration.

Adult briefs, pads, pull-ups,

    tabs (Depends)

Bath chair

Bath Transfer Bench

Bariatric Equipment

Blood Pressure Monitors


Chucks—disposable & washable



C-pap machine


Feeding tube supplies


Types of equipment that may be available (not all types are listed):


Gowns—Hospital style

Hospital Bed & Bed rails

Hoyer Lift

Lift Chair


Nutritional Supplements

Over-bed table

Peddlers - electric & manual

Quad Cane


Roho cushion

Seated Walker


Shoe Horn—long


Sock Aid

T.E.N.S. Unit

Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet Seat Riser

Transfer Board

Transport Chair


Wheelchair Tray


Wheelchairs—electric & manual

Being “Green”

Not only does this program help those who need equipment, but it also helps the communities by accepting the donation of equipment, thus keeping these materials out of the area landfills.


Equipment donations are tax deductible:

All donated items are tax deductible when itemizing deductions for federal income taxes. HELP Adult Services is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Donors receive written acknowledgement to use for their documentation.


Donations Needed:

We will accept medical items in working condition. Frequently requested items in high demand...

     -   Adult briefs: Large & XLarge Pull-ups

    -   Feminine & Masculine Pads

    -   Knee Walkers

    -   Lift Chairs

    -   Nutritional Supplements


What is not accepted as a donation?

All items must be in good working condition for us to accept as a donation.

We do not accept anything that:

     -     Requires a prescription 

     -     Is not in good working condition 

     -     Is Pediatric 

     -     Is expired or the package is open 

     -     Is not specifically for medical need(treadmill, non-hospital bed)

     -     Is made for a customized fit(prosthetics, stair-glides, braces)


Can items for donation be picked up?

We do offer pick-up on a limited basis. Due to our limited resources, we do appreciate any items that can be delivered directly to our offices.


There is a charge for this service based on round-trip mileage.